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I'm the luckiest woman alive -- but that don't stop me complaining.


[Crap, I hate having to summarize myself.] Frankly, I'm the luckiest woman alive. I have a job I enjoy that only stresses me out occasionally; I own my own home (thanks, Mom!); I'm relatively healthy... as far as I know; I've got a pretty sweet master's degree; I've got more and better friends than I deserve; I've got the love of my mom and the loving memory of my dad; to the best of my knowledge, my 2 cats haven't destroyed anything yet today; I can laugh at just about anything; and I've got the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful boyfriend in the history of heterosexuality. I have no idea how I got here, but I'm happy as hell.

A NOTE ABOUT THE BLOG: Specifically, the comments on the blog. You're quite welcome to disagree with me, just do it respectfully. Spam, insults, bigotry, threats, etc. will be deleted. I like to think of "I am screaming and punching myself" as a kind of virtual sandbox. I set it up, put some new toys in there pretty regularly, and invite all y'all to enjoy yourselves. Please, come play in the sandbox! But if you shit in the sandbox, I reserve the right to remove the turd.


Bad movies, good coffee, ridiculous moments that crack you up for years afterward, dogs, mysteries, pajama pants, shoes I can't afford, cars, computers, self-destructive celebrities.