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July 19, 2006



Carl! My own cultural icon! My undying gratitude for creating this blog.


"They almost have a sense of sense of mysteriousness about them."

She almost has a sense of fetal alcohol syndrome around her eyes and the upper part of the bridge of her nose.


Toaster Strudel

Now, be nice. It could be worse. She could be waxing poetic about unicorns or Dr. Who!!!!!
I will say that poetry students everywhere should breathe a sigh of relief. Their chances (or their children's chances) of being forced to read Spears' poetry in English 101 class for the next 50 years are blissfully low.
And just what were you doing roaming around Ms. Spears' website, might I ask? Was Paris Hilton's site offline today, perhaps?
Ah, I do so love every opportunity to be bitchy.
The Strudel


I love it when shallow people try to be deep.

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