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July 28, 2006



I agree that Kayne is a decoy. As I read somewhere else, that conversation reeks of one of those "someone has been fired, let's all gossip about it" conversations.

I also think Keith is a red-herring though.

My guess is it's something minor. Like someone snuck in after hours to finish an outfit or smuggled in a cell phone or something.


Ivanka is especially darling, isn't she? And knowledgeable about fashion in a way that is above and beyond a "I've got this here Bergdorf's card and I like shoes" sort of way.

She had a socialite boyfriend that my friend Brian referred to as "one quart short of a Brandon Davis" at one time. Guess she dumped him. Wikipedia says his name was Bingo, and I think that was indeed his name-o.


Ivanka didn't show her best stuff on PR, but she was articulate and intelligent on Trumpy's show. Sadly, I just noticed how weirdly botoxed she looks. Girl has inherited Donald's bloat/shine, unfortunately.

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