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July 25, 2006



I have no love for Lohan, but Brandon Davis is a shiteous, greasy, dirty shitbird. I guess he got carted off to "charm school" (read: rehab) shortly after that incident.

Here's the thing. I worked for a short spell in a $1,200/day charm school in the Arizona desert while pursuing my misdirected Master's degree in the mental health field. And contrary to popular belief, all charm schools do simply accept patients on ability to pay.

At least the one where I worked didn't. There had to be some, um, willingness on the part of the patient to play ball and not just be there to get the heat off.

And Mr. Davis is what we would've called a "four-plusser," meaning he was in possession of four or more diagnoses. Which is ultimately plausibly manageable, if the person isn't a sociopath, and all four of those aren't on Axis II (personality disorders). Chemical dependence can be dealt with; shiteous shitbirditis? Not likely.

Like Cap'n Dave said, GO DIE.


oops - all charm school do NOT simply accept patients on ability to pay


"Shitbirditis" -- hee! "I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, your son has a terminal case of what we in the field call shitbirditis. And sebum."

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