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July 17, 2006



what is it with you and the nasty liplocks. bleh. Don't get me wrong - I likes me a nasty kiss, but on camera? Double bleh.


Jason sounds like a saint. Hermann won't allow such viewing in his pristine Germanic environs. I kid. He actually enjoys "Project Runway" and will grudgingly tolerate "The Apprentice" and "Survivor." All fairly high-brow fare.

But seriously, while he was out the other night fetching dinner and a movie I caught 1.5 episodes of "The Girls Next Door" on E! and that was like a fucking Kurosawa film compared to "My Fair Brady."

I like to read the re-caps on dlisted about "Flava of Love," even though I've never watched it. Check it out.

And ditto on the naaaaasty picture.

Carry on.


My Canuck friend Sue emailed me your Blog. I just wanted to say I'm hooked. I giggled and snorted right through your rants which is awesome since I'm at work in open concept cubicle hell. Kudos. Oh, I've never seen my fair Brady but now I hate them too.

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