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August 08, 2006



I appreciate you taking one for the team on this. Though I tried I just can't make it through an entire episode.


The sad thing is, I'd watch and record this horrifying show anyway. :-)


"It's the small pinata on the table that makes this moment art."



You speak wonderful truths! I watched this for the comic relief and I think your summary only adds to my enjoyment! Thanks :-)


I laughed out loud so many times reading your recap. Bravo!


yea! i agree! Eyez shoulda been around a lot longer than one episode! if she stayed longer she coulda found out more stuff. by the way, got any more stuff on Eyez? like the screen caps and stuff?

and yes, Bamma does look like a turkey with a perm!


I love this show expecilaly when it had Delishis on there she should of whooped New
york's ass


please tell your bitch ass hoes to stop selling crack/cociane on the streets. my children come home every night high of thier mother fucking asses. i want to be a good mommy and feel that this show has corrupted any remedial incidence where i can attain a proper charater for my babies. i am ultimately raising crack whores. i mean serisously, sir, they fuck anything with a pulse and mind you, they never use the squatting postition when pissing on a public bowl. thank you for all of your help i will look forward to a change in my children. thank you sire.


shit. they just came home. i am surprised because they only have 3 guys with them and a bottle of hypnotic. i wish i had an 8 ball to facilitate my needs. these stupid bitch-ass children of mine really have turned out to be the scum bags that i thought they were. you know what flaver falve? tomorrow morning, i will wake up with eight fever blisters and wonder why. but...need i never ask. one would only assume they come from my rat bastard daughters who turn out to be dirty pirate hookers and/or cum guzzling prostitutes. therefore, i confirm with you, the flavor of love, apparently, that my children turn out to be the largest group of double fisters in the nation. thank you.


what a night. there are empty bottles lying arond, along with slightly dusted countertops with a remnance of the devil's danfruff--flave, i kid you not. at this point in the night, i have come to realize that i am truely upset. not only have i been betrayed by my own flesh and blood, but my little tiny babies that i raised with one working mamitory gland, did not furnish me with the proper amount of cocaine that i needed. well, flave, at this point, i will now resort to the streets;and be like one of them. my daughter suck hard core. i don't appreciate thier actions. stupid, stupid whores. good night and good luck trying to find a decent woman for your self, apparently, they do not exist. NAHHHHH JUST kidding. peace out. www.myspace.com/brunette_kiss

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