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August 31, 2006



I so wanted Michael to win, if only to see Neck Boy grimace in pain yet again. He's such a child. A school yard bully. A horrible accident. I want the Python hand to flick him NOW! Angela's outfit was stupid but I so wanted her to survive Neck Boy. I hated seeing him get that satisfaction. Plus, strictly speaking, his outfit looked exactly like anything you'd expect to see some dumbass rockstar wear. Michael's "hood to the Hamptons" seersucker idea? Now THAT's innovation. Oh, how I hate Neck Boy. I was so hoping his stupid crotch pants would have a sagging butt after the flight or something, anything to make him not win. Alas. Must go calm down now.


I honestly haven't been watching that show, but from what you've written I think the tattoo on that dude's neck should read "strangle me now!"


Hee! I like to imagine it says "cut here."


I think Jeffrey should take the whole thing. His work is much more interesting than the rest; certainly since Malan got the boot. This is a fashion contest not a personality contest. Fortunately, the producers need him as a villain so he is likely to be bullet-proof until the final four. So LOL to all y'all Jeffrey haytas!

Though given last year's inexplicable winning Dynasty collection I have no sense of what the judges think is wearable and interesting.


Anybody notice the drinking on the show? Jeffrey's glass is always full of water while the others sip champagne, owing to his 12 steppedness, I'm sure. However, pre- maman Laura, little bump and all, has been partaking in the bubbly with the others. I think this is ok in moderation. Pregnant European women are not as paranoid about alcohol as American women are. And is Laura originally from the South? I heard her "Y'all" on the last episode.

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