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August 17, 2006



Neckboy = HATE


Excellent analysis. I'm still mourning the kicking of Allison. It always seems to me that the judges ought to take a designer's body of work into account before booting them for one bad(ish) dress. When you have Vincent and Robert standing in the "one of you will be auf'd" position nearly every week and Allison never having been there...just seemed wrong. (And of course, that comment is particularly ironic now in light of last night's episode).

And now I hate Neck Boy more than ever.


Tim Gunn spoke of the integrity of Project Runway. Where was that integrity? First, Jeffrey should have won over Michael. Nothing against Michael's dress but Jeffrey's was better. No last minute plastic stole. Then poor Allison. Losing to Vincent's trash? Allison had done some good pieces before while Vincent's are always bottom three. They kept Robert around once because they "believed in him." Why not Allison? Very questionable.

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