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August 15, 2006


Mojos Daddy

It looks like Rosie enjoyed herself quite a bit on that bus ride... you know she does like the "ladies"...

and Delishis is totally a dude...


Thanks for once again taking it for the team and watching this. Since I can't actually sit through an entire episode without getting ill, your my only reliable line to the Flaver.


Dude. Not fair.

I have some bizarre back spasm and El Herm and I are sitting here together reading this while I attempt to be still and allow it to heal.

And then?

1. I clicked on the Rosie O'Donnell clip which I had not previously seen, because I couldn't bring myself to watch her *pretend* to be retarded. (crikey, that montage should be illegal)

2. I scrolled down and saw Rosie in a tragic t-shirt riding the bus with the pole and the skanks.

3. Gonzoleezza? Am dying over here. Hurts to breathe, okay? Laughing is much worse.

You've outdone yourself. I may never have to actually watch this show. You navigate the putrid waters for us.

Brava, Catherine!


Just call me your gondoleezza of Flavor. Thank you so much!!


That was a great recap. Im gonna petition New Zealand television to get this show.

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