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August 10, 2006



Captain Save-A-'Ho is a superhero for our time.

I don't need to explain to you how his saying that glib phrase is entirely UN-sexist. You get this. God bless you.

Because there's all kinds of craziness going around about how he thinks women are HOs.

Gah. Wake up white people.


Really?? But he even clarified it with "as we say in the hood." I mean, nothing -- NOTHING -- in his words or actions has indicated that he has anything but the highest respect for women. He loves and admires his mama, fer chrissakes!

People are odd.


well, many a gangsta rapper love and admire their mammas and have all sorts of "issues" about women in their songs --bitches and hos and whatnot. so it's not like loving your mother indicates anything.

but still, Michael is clearly evolved. Standing up for Angela was so uber-cool. and I hate her.

Jeffrey definitely has disgusting 'i-hate-women' issues though. First he trots out the tired/lazy/grotesque "feminazi" phrase and now, this?


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