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August 24, 2006



'K, first of all, I'm going to make a new category of links on my blog for PR and you are going to be there because your analysis is dead on. The enabling mother/good for you for getting clean but you're still a shithead thing? EXACTLY what The Neighbor and I were saying as we watched. The loathing I have for Neck Boy actually rivals my disgust of Santino and I didn't think that could POSSIBLY happen.

Loved Laura's "throw 'em on the pile" line, loved seeing the scary freaky twinness of Michael Kors (who I think is such a bitch) and his mummy and yes, wouldn't it have been a dream to meet the mother of the Gunn?

You're fab.

Swede And Czech

Okay, I came here because Lorraine linked you. Your recap is right up there with Four Four. And thats saying something.

Great job!


That's sweet praise indeed. Thank you!

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