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September 19, 2006


skanks are funny

Sadly, I've been waiting for the update all day. My only complaint is there were no, "Shut the fuck ups" this week in your commentary. (wink)

Thanks for the laughs!


Ewww. Does Flav ever do anything that isn't nasty? Did he set up the entire bowling thing just so he could pretend to fuck someone doggy style? God he is repulsive.


I no longer think it's my imagination. Flav gets sleazier every time I see him. If, by some horrific twist of fate I ever woke up with him, and he was laying on my arm, I would chew my arm off to escape and then bathe in Clorox before plummeting from a cliff!


"shriveled gnome"....
none can say it better.
you are a goddess.


the whole time Flava of love aired,I cheered
on buckey the whole time.She's my baby!!!!!!

shout out 2 bootz,delicious,beautiful,and buckey..........


all i gotta say is that it should of been bootz buckeey and deelishis that's not even right that made me so sad to see bootz and buckeey leavin newyork and krazy should od took their germatic asses on somewhere b4 i hurt both of them bitches

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