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September 07, 2006



The Neighbor and I were watching last night, as per usual, and we came to the conclusion that neither of us have a lick of fashion sense when something like that horror of Neck Boy's can win over anything remotely attractive. And yeah, I guess Laura's dress did look like Ron's dress robes, now that you mention it...although that collar was way hotter in Paris than it ended up being in New York. Still, made my heart go pitter pat seeing Laura standing there with Vincent. Scary notion, that. I'm just worried now that her pregnancy is going to get in the way of her doing whatever she has to do to get into the final 3. Oh. Look. I wrote a whole comment and forgot to mention how much I still hate Neck Boy. Fancy that.


Hey - Vincent's interview with EW is up and he is completely nuts.

Completely. But we knew that.



I think that dress may be made from a cheap shower curtain.


The yellow dress does look a bit like it's been at a picnic: first someone washed it in mustard and then they sprayed it with ketchup!! It's a great fabric, for something, but I'm not sure it was meant to be a dress.

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