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October 18, 2006



Well we all knew it was fake, but Lord help, I couldn't wait for the next installment. Now I love to watch Gene Simmions, and Hulk Hogan's show too. Worse than an adult soup-opera; but I'm hooked too. Helen


I actually felt bad for Deelishis being the winner. She'll learn soon enough that this troll can't stand a woman having any aspirations of her own and that once he gets bored with the initial pawing and groping he'll move on to the next month's flavor. He and New York actually at least deserved each other.


I know this is an old post and, hell... the videos aren’t even up anymore but I had to comment. New York and her mother are a certain brand of crazy that is so out there and so dramatic it kills me. I too cannot help but roll my eyes with every little thing the two of them cook up. I generally feel bad for New York’s dad... stuck in between two drama queens... I’m surprised he is still around. He seems so docile and passive. I think that Deelishis has another thing coming when she finds out that that old dirty bastard is just that.

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