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October 03, 2006



Yes, if New York's mother is for real, she makes me in all my bipolar glory seem perfectly stable at my worst moment. I guess I should be grateful for her existence.
I'm stunned that Flav managed to produce such attractive children. Can you imagine having to have him as a father? I don't believe he's really had much of a hand in raising them. That must come from other influences.
In watching "Strange Love" I came to believe that he was a complete idiot. The mother of his first set of children seemed to have been very devoted to him, and his ex-girlfriend Beverly Johnson seemed like a nice, supportive lady. Neither of them were skanky. Is his search for a skank trophy wench part of a midlife crisis, or is he simply certifiable?
I keep wondering if Mama New York is going to sever his head from his neck with her razor-sharp fangs. That woman scares me too!


well all i gotta say is that bitch new york is gonna get her ass woped she know she can't fight i don't even know why she tryna act hard


New York needs to start finding a man better


that face scarierdme
mom of new yor is a horn

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