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October 22, 2006


Robert Sacha

Ummmmmm...this whole group on ANTM is messed up! I agree--A.J. should have been a finalist but look at this whole season--it's horrid! Something has gone wrong!

Tyra's dialogue is boring, Jay Manuel is his typical flamboyant self, Nigel is still the same...the only real excitement comes from J. Alexander, who we don't see enough of!

Janice Dickinson is a rabid coke-whore! Does she ever make sense?! Perhaps she should go back to high school and learn the English language over?!

Twiggy is more mundane than ever too! Gee...it used to be a rough call between Lost and ANTM, now is easy...perhaps I should be thankful?


I think (and I could be wrong) that the writers for ANTM went on strike during part of this season. I have no idea what they were striking for, although I like to believe that they refused to put all those stupid Tyra skits in. I think you're on to something, though; this season does seem like a new low. Bravo to you for finding the silver lining!

robert Sacha

Does anyone know if Janice is on male hormones? or does she just moan like a male whore? They say Jaeda is masculine...HELLO?! Her voice is like that of Brenda Vaccaro; remember her? Sheesh!

How many hits of platinum hair-color does it take for Jay to get his hair that color?! If you're gonna be a flaming queen--do it with style and flare--like Miss J.!

Tyra is all off this season--it's a shame... Her idols are her mom and Oprah? Gee--there are alot of strong black women I could think of as better role models. What about Coretta King? Cicely Tyson? Lena Horne? I love Oprah but I don't think she is even close to the league these ladies are in!


I wouldn't have to wear the odd padded booty--my booty is already quite well padded! I could donate some of my fat reserves to Michelle. That child is scary-skinny!
Whereas Janice Dickinson is just scary.
I think the "Bobby and Whitney" girl did a great job!

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