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October 19, 2006



I would have thrown my wine glass against the wall when Jeffery won except I was at my neighbor's house. As it was, I screamed. For a while. Then I punched my head.

I didn't loathe everything in his collection to the degree my hatred for him would dictate but I certainly don't get the "innovative" tag. It is so seriously time for new judges.

I wanted Laura to win but thought Uli's collection certainly showed more range than she'd shown before. And she got applause. So did Laura. I heard no applause for Neck Boy. And Michael? Seriously disappointing.

I could rant about this all day. I won't. I am not happy with the outcome. Neck Boy sucks. That's all.


I never watched this, so all I can say is, is there any less flattering or more nauseating dress than the baby doll? Seriously!

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