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October 30, 2006



I respect the talents of the actors in this horrid piece of crap calling itself a film. But other than watching for a laugh, this is the worst "Dracula" I've ever seen!


When I watch this film I find myself focusing on all of the nifty old-style techniques and camera effects (just finished watching Dreyer's creepy Vampyr (1932) and discovered the inspiration for the my-shadow-moves-before-I-move effect). Your rant provides a possible reason why my focus is on these: I'm trying to avoid the performances! LOL. Good job. Happy Halloween!

Nathaniel R

wow. i actually love this film but reading this crystallizes that it ain't the acting producing the love.

it be the costumes/production/gonzo-ness of it all.

p.s. love the clips. god bless youtube. really.


The YouTube takes me right to that bad place of memory you want me to be.

I saw this when it came out, loved the first ten minutes just for their sheer visual brilliance. (I'm a sucker for extreme stylization.) It was all the more impressive given that I'd actually been to see the sets during the production (the storyboard artist was an old junior high school friend).

And then the story set it. I don't remember being bothered by Winona R.'s performance, but I thought it was a downright bizarre (not in good way) work from Hopkins. But yeah, in the fairly full annal of lame Keanu performances, this strikes as one of the lamest. However, I don't think it's really the period issue. He was okay in "Dangerous Liaisons" -- but that was under Stephen Frears who is a more careful director than Coppolla, I think it's safe to say.

Of course, the real villain here, as far as I'm concerned, is the screenplay. Having Drac be redeemed by love was pretty embarrassing -- and I think Coppola was trying to borrow from the Jean Cocteau "Beauty and the Beast" there, which makes it even worse.

BTW -- I've seen Keanu be great twice in offbeat comic roles. Once was a the Che-like wolf boy in Alex Winter's "Freaked" and, more recently, as a new age dentist in last year's "Thumbsucker." Really hilarious stuff.


I absolutely agree that the movie is gorgeous to look at; it won Oscars for costumes, makeup and visual effects. And Coppola can compose some beautiful, fascinating shots. So maybe the key to enjoying this movie is to watch it in Spanish?

Tonio Kruger

No, it isn't.

Oldman All the way

It can be easily said Oldmans performance is over the top, that goes without saying. Come on. What you have to factor inn is that its Gary (INSANE) Oldman one of the finest original actors to emerge in the last 20 years who brings a vibrant fresh and unsettling, unnerving campness that feels plausible for a man trying to blend his way into an alien society after 400 years. Flamboyant and masterful come to mind every-time he makes a certain gesture, he fills the character with even more mystery which only makes me want more of Oldman. An actor having fun with his character always comes across on screen whether it be Depp, playing Captain Jack Sparow or Brando as the Godfather it makes the audience believe. Every-time Oldman appears, especially as Old Drac, he has that slight glint in his eye, that knowing smile as he makes the deal with Harker (priceless). The way he curls his words tickles me with excitement seeing this old weak pale being teasing Harker only fills me with dread as you already know of what the character is capable of. Having Oldmans Dracula playful and effeminate makes him more unsuspecting to the character of Harker, thats one of the amazing aspects of having something as camp but also unstoppable make him more terrifying and mystical. As for everyone else shit. Except Hopkins he’s cool

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I couldn't have said a word of it better myself. You completely articulated everything I was thinking. Love it.
I really love this movie, despite it being HORRIBLE. By no means is it a GOOD film, but dammit it's entertaining.


Movie's great, love it so much. One of the best movies I've ever seen. And Gary Oldman,... yeah, horny... smile


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I type in "Bad acting" in google images and Gary Oldman is what I get? WTF?????

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