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October 04, 2006



The women's fashions, let alone the very existense of this movie, are reasons to be very, very glad the 80's are over!
I think it was David Coverdale who summed up my very opinion of the 80's so beautifully:
"Great music. Ridiculous fashions."


I can't get past the fact that Denise looks like Mrs. Grizwold from Vegas Vacation...and I'd love to watch this movie with J.C. VanDamme. Not that I think he'd be a tolerable conversationalist, but his indignant snorting at Swayze's slow-mo head kickins would be non-stop & giggle inspiring.


this is incredible!

col kenneth manley

Hi; Yes I remember Roadhouse? but also when Pat was baby in his mother arms, she was a dancer for the old Ed Sullivan Toast of the Town.I personally worked with Charles Bronson
for ten years.But for all that Pat has gone through I still think he a great guy.

Michael Damelio

My friend and I have been watching and making fun of Raod House for the better part of a decade. Sometimes we'll watch the movie and make fun of it and when that got old (after about 5 viewings) we started watching it without sound and inserting our own dialogue - that was funny for a while, too.

Since then, we have created Word documents with quotes from the movie that correspond to pictures in other movies. All this we did while I was going to Pharmacy school! I wonder if my GPA would have been better if... hmmm

Anyway - when we found this site it was vindicating. We thought we were the only two people on the planet that remember this movie and thought it was just SO horrifically bad. Soon, one-liners like "Pain don't hurt" and "what if someone calls my momma a whore" became irreplaceable parts of our verbal repertoire.

So much can be learned from such a piece of cinetographic crap. Did you know "there's always barber college" - and "calling me 'sir' is like putting an elevator in an outhouse"

Of course, now I cannot partake in this movie anymore because I am a pharmacist and I need to hold myself to a higher standard

I mean, my job goes totally against the Road House philosophy: Pain DOES hurt and I'm selling DRUGS here not BOOZE.

Will post more later!! GREAT SITE

Michael Damelio

I guess I should have read my post before posting it. After the line "I have to hold myself to a higher standard" I actually wrote (pause for derisive laughter from readers) - but I put that in brackets "<" (those things) and it didn't post. html, baby! Any - sorry 'bout that!

Someone needs to come over here and take out my knee - after Wesley puts something down on a new car...

Catherine Cantieri

Don't sweat it! Just remember, be nice ... until it's time to not be nice. And you are by no means too stupid to have a good time!

Damn, it is addictive, isn't it?


To see Terry Funk in WHITE cowboy boots in this snoozer, is pretty f'n funny!!!!


Ha! I just read this... you're freaking hilarious!!!! I live in Toronto and Jeff Healey has a place here called "The Roadhouse," where this movie plays 24/7. I never noticed just how funny it is.

...what's wrong with elliot-pubes?

Nigel Clark

Who caresif the movie's crap-Kelly Lynch gets her kit off, that's good enough for me!

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