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November 15, 2006



AHH!! You just insulted the ferrets of the world! Even the rabid ones! K-Fed's kids would be lucky if they received ferret DNA in place of his. At least they'll have a personality and an undying love for all things raisins as opposed to themselves.

I loved reading it nonetheless! Keep preaching chica!


It would seem that you and I are on the same page today, m'dear. I call him Toolio.

He makes my skin crawl. So disgusting.

Can you see her on a Barbara Walters special a year from now talking about how well-hung he was and that she was in lurrrrve?

Pity for those kids, no?


It is one thing to tell your child something. It is another to have visual aids. Thank you for the coherent presentation. It will be administered forthwith. And often.


I find myself speechless for once. Gee, what a class act!

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