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November 08, 2006



AMEN!! What's the freakin' big deal??!?!?! Keep preachin' chica!!


That's completely insane. On the other hand, Virginia is the perfect state to get divorced if you plan on receiving alimony. Washington state was similar in not identifying commonlaw relationships as marriage. So post divorce I was able to live with whomever I chose, alimony intact. It tickles me that my ex-husband had a stroke thinking his money was going toward my new beau's beer fund!

Hate the policy. Love the loopholes.




Today I, too, am screaming and punching myself! I am ashamed of and disgusted by the intolerence expressed in the voting behaviors of my fellow Virginians though regrettably not surprised.
According to several different exit polls, most who voted for the amendment did so because of their Christian values.
Jesus is quoted as advising his followers to love thy neighbor, be good to one another, do for the least of us, etc., over 3000 times in the New Testament.
Jesus is NEVER quoted as speaking out against homosexuality in the New Testament. NOT EVEN ONCE!
So on whose advice are those "Christian" Virginians voting?
I'm just sick about it.

Don Shipp

"Jesus is NEVER quoted as speaking out against homosexuality in the New Testament. NOT EVEN ONCE!"

Well, actually we have not one word written by Jesus' hand, as the New Testament was written by other folks...but that is another subject...anyways... Some Christians could easily quote a spot where Jesus said that not a letter of the law would pass away. Of course, the law as spelled out in Leviticus chapter 20 clearly says a man laying with a man, as one would lay with a woman is wrong. Interestingly, Leviticus says nothing about a woman on woman thing. Hmmm, maybe lesbos are ok and gays aren't.


Well, Don, Fe did say that Jesus wasn't *quoted* as speaking about homosexuality.

Besides, if we're going to use Leviticus as a guideline for our society, we've got a lot of catching up to do in terms of reinstating slavery and outlawing cheeseburgers.

My Episcopal understanding of God is of a being of infinite love who will forgive anything but still wants us all to be the kindest, most loving people we can be. And I know I'm not living up to that today because I'm just so angry at the 1.3 million voters in Virginia who have created a *constitutional* underclass of relationships.

On the plus side, more than 750,000 people voted against the measure, and according to the state election Web site, if the only votes that counted were in this district, the amendment would have failed.

Tonio Kruger

We had a similar vote here in Texas with the same dismal results. And alas, it wasn't just redneck Southerners who voted for it; some Yankees I know supported it too.

For what it's worth, I voted against it but it was at best a quixotic gesture.


Sorry, just saw your reply up here. Umm...yep you are right. Not only would we have to go back to slavery, but there is another directive that follows the "no gay" Levitical scripture which would have to be followed. It says that the gay guys should be stoned to death. So, Christians who quote the law of Leviticus should be willing to follow through with the whole complete thought. So yeah...brethren gather up ya stones and let's go kill some homos. Whatever. Yep, doesn't exactly fit the love ya neighbor thing.

Uuuhh. So hard to reconcile all the apparent conflicts in the scriptures without a bunch of apologetics.

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