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November 29, 2006



Uh - wow.

I think I will just stick with my one nasty photo of her, thanks.

Also, wouldn't she be - ya know - lactating?


I *totally* buy your "deliberately be declared unfit" theory.

I can't remember where, but some gossip site* claimed that she missed a big "let's discuss your career/musical comeback" meeting with Pharrell (of Neptunes fame/genius) because of the nonstop partying. What?!

So I guess now that she's not supporting deadbeat's ass, she is fine with never making another album again?

Maybe she's just really, really lazy and is trying to get "how to continue to be mega-famous while doing absolutely nothing" from Parisite.

You know, for as much as he's bitched about it, Pete Wentz is a *gigantic* famewhore and probably secret loves the attention from the wang pics.

*ick, I checked and it was Perez, but it had a credible source of the Miami Herald.


I heard about the infamous money shot, glad not to have seen it.
The truly scary thing is, Brit is still a cut above Shit on the scale of things.
Unholy trinity indeed. The Apocalypse really can't be far off now!


I'd love to tell B.S. one single thing. Get those udders in a sling, child! That orange tank top hides no sins. Next time we see B.S. looking fab, there will be little doubt in our minds how long an entire team of engineers worked to reform/bolster/heft/gird this mess. Like a hot marshmallow that has fallen beside the campfire, there is no 5-second rule and this cannot be blown off.

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