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November 22, 2006



I had never heard either of these monstrosities before. I found "My Humps" an irritating enough song and Gwen Stefani does seem to be regressing into high school, more concerned with being cute than being powerful. Sad!

Tonio Kruger

Yeah, I miss Debbie Harry too.

And apparently Gwen Stefani wants to be the new Madonna. Or the new Britney. Whatever...


I so agree with you. Read the Entertainment Weekly cover story with Gwen. She should perhaps sample what she's going to say in interviews to her publicist to prevent her from coming across as a total moron. She used to be decent. BTW, Debbie does have a new single out with Moby. New York, New York. It's on his new greatest hits package, but alas at 65, she's not going to get any airplay.


Oh, I love that tune! "Lines of snow and popping corks/Love and drugs in old New York"

The video's on YouTube, but I find that the ironic bad dancing kinda detracts from the wistfulness of the song. I would've much rather seen Harry (with or without Moby) revisiting some of her old haunts. IMDB and Wikipedia both show her age as 61, but she still sounds great and looks fantastic.

VH1/Fuse/MuchMusic: We are Debbie Harry fans and WE VOTE. And buy stuff. And... oh, hell, just give the woman some airplay!


I just watched the "Wind It Up" video.



I must say that in Australia a few months ago a DJ released a mashup song of The Doors' "Riders on the Storm" and Blondie's "Rapture" (called "Riders on the Rapture") and it was good to hear white female rapping on the charts that wasn't about how lovely one's lumps are.


I was *so* going to mention the Debbie Harry/Moby song, but was beaten to the punch....

But no hook for Fergalicious? Blasphemy! JJ Fad and "Supersonic" have something to say about that.

I think she actually has a song on the album about her meth use, but I'll be arsed if I can remember the name (and I *have* the album!). Google says....it's called VooDoo Doll.

There's actually a pretty decent ballad on Fergie's album as well called "Velvet." It's very Dido-esque.

The real question is why the crap singles get airplay and support when there's actual decent stuff that both have that could be released. Is it the music/album executives? (who refused to release Christina's awesome "Candyman" as the second single from that album) Is it the radio market and the evil that is ClearChannel? Is it the post-videos on MTV MTV generation?


Debbie Harry is amazing, though she isnt 65 she is 61!!! and still looking and sounding fab!

sue j.

Yes i do agree! Debbie Harry was and indeed still is a fabulous singer.. i know lets start a thread!! that we want Debbie back.. and fast.. we need some of that Blondie magic.. in the charts.. " come back Debbie"

Stephanie Musto

Not only was Blondie an inspiration to female musicians everywhere, but Deborah Harry has continued to release inspiring, clever music throughout the years, both with Blondie and on her own. It's a shame that she's virtually ignored by the media in the US, her home country.

According to www.deborahharry.com she's currently recording a new solo album, presumably to be released sometime next year. I have no doubts she will show the young 'uns how to do it. That is, if they ever get to hear it.

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