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December 04, 2006



In the Bea Arthur song, did they rhyme, "friend," with "friend"?????


What a terrific breakdown this is! I only remember bits and pieces from the special, and only from what people told me over the years because I never saw it. As such, it's become a kind of half-memory in my mind - as if it never truly happened other than in nightmares - but now thanks to YouTube and blog-a-thons these kinds of recollections are possible.

I'm not sure whether I should thank you or go start drinking a lot.

Catherine Cantieri

It's a holiday weekend, baby! You can do BOTH!

Thanks. :)


I remember watching this special under the influence of children's cough syrup, which made it seem like an orange flavored neverending drug hallucination.

Itchy. Lumpy. Evidence that Lucas had no idea where this story was going.

Beau Wilkinson

Hey Felicia, they rhymed "dear friend" with "tear friend." It works b/c of internal rhyme.

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