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December 11, 2006



Yeah, I'm with you. I want to defend them if the American Family Whatever Haterade is after them, but I can't. Pornaments are a thousand kinds of wrong.

Does ANYTHING good come out of Spencer Gifts anymore? Did anything ever? I seem to remember loving that place at one dark, dark time in my life. Like 25 years ago.

Am I going to Hell for rearranging two of those wire wesh Christmas light outdoor reindeer in compromising positions on the lawn of my friend's house three years ago? There were children at the party. They helped. It's unclear whose idea it was. By children I may be referring to myself and other friends my age.



i've been reading your blog FOREVER and i have never felt the need to comment. but today i saw the need. i laughed- no GUFFAWED- at this post. i swear i almost pissed myself. i mean really:"a little gumdrop clitoris"?!?!?! HILARIOUS!

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