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December 11, 2006



Oh, but the Kimberley process isn't perfect either.

And now the DIC (the PR arm of deBeers) has Russell Simmons pimping for them. He doesn't even know he's their bitch. Yet. That guy, though? Pretty used to being someone's bitch, no?

I think Ron White said it best, "Diamonds... that'll shut her up."


Ah, man, you're harshing my feel-good-ish buzz! ;-) Hey, Susanna, you're the queen of bling: is there any best way to shop for ice with a clear conscience?

Also: anyone who's never seen Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons' episode of Cribs is missing out! Three words: Solid. Gold. Commode.


Sadly, not really. People are in the jewelry business to MAKE MONEY. It is a very, very rare jeweler (I dare you to find me one) knows the precise, exact provenance of their raw goods. If their stones came from Canada, okay, there's a damn good chance they're conflict-free. Otherwise, there's going to be a small chance. But it's a very, very small chance. But a chance regardless.

The movies, the campaigns, etc? It is an attempt on the part of (basically) socialists with an agenda to take weak-willed Americans hostage. Did you see Happy Feet? Christ, there's a "message" in that one, too.

But take heart and read this, perhaps it will edify you:


As well, take heart with the knowledge that the jewelry industry is probably among the very best of all industries in its implementation and execution of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. After, who in their right mind is going to throw away a perfectly good diamond? Some good scrap platinum? Reuse, recycle.

And don't think you're doing a good thing by buying a colored stone, either. The mining conditions aren't exactly ideal in South America either.

Conditions in S. Africa and Botswana are far better than those in, say, Sierra Leone.


P.S. Diamond ads are sickening, in particular the ones you mentioned from Jared and Zales. Gag-inducing. They get the peristaltic waves going.

Like, wouldn't these guys like to know that they could've saved about 78% of their purchase price by buying outside of the mall?

Could've spent that cabbage on some extra table dances. And the buffet.

I do, however, like some of the deBeers adverts. They pitch some high-end sentimentality.

And boys, it's 3-6 months' salary, m'kay?


I have no clever comments, I just REALLY enjoyed this entry.


Oh, man, I now have to add Blood Diamond to my end of year film frenzy as well? I mean, I wanted to already, but you got me convinced, darn you!

I haven't seen the Jared ads but the Zales plays all the time (as in, I have tivo and still see it nonstop!). The only way I can deal is by imagining some weird sublimated homoeroticism and a very crazy offscreen backstory.

Come on, would two total strangers *really* have five each other at the mall unless it was code for "Hey, after I placate my wife with this diamond, wanna go hookup in the men's room?"


I'm totally referring my mom to this entry if she gets any bling for Krimma.

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