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December 27, 2006



Found your blog through CPMCoG (I'm svetlanamonsoon there) and have been checking in on it. Having known the Way brothers and co when they were singing in dive bars in Northern NJ and generally being a supporter of MCR I have to agree with your review of the album. It's an amazing concept that just isn't very well executed. The song "The Black Parade" has grown on me so I still hold out a little hope that the rest of the album might.


Hey, Svet! Thanks for the comment; I know I'm ragging a bit on Gerard, but I have faith that he'll improve. He mentioned in Blender that his resolution for '07 is to quit smoking, and that can only help. My favorite number off the album is probably "Sleep"; it pulls off a great combination of wistfulness and horror. Happy New Year, girl!


Gerard Way quit drinking, and smoking. He has worked so hard and has been through alot in his life. He ACTUALLY sings in the music video and gives everything he does 110 percent, so maybe next time you'd think before you criticize one of the most awsome bands in the history of goth and emo rock!!!


To me the best album of 2006 is Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Pepper. They're #1 on http://www.rankopedia.com.

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