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January 12, 2007



Such a fucking trainwreck... I'm there with popcorn, baby!


New York is freakin' evil. But to Mama New York's credit, she's managed to get that Satan's Sister gleam out of her eyes. Probably just good contact lenses. She still acts like Satan's sister anyway.
I'm so glad I'm not watching this mess alone. What, oh what, draws me to it? I apparently have a higher than average intelligence, but my choice of viewing material wouldn't indicate it!


Uh - is it a good thing that I don't know who any of these people are?

If I am supposed to learn, could you tell me when they're re-broadcasting?

Isis Kali

This looks so good, and the men so cheestastic, that I had to throw my slipper. Oh, lawd.


Mr.Boston is so freaking hot. I love him sooooooo much. Everyone bess back off(lol). He is soo all mine.

you tits are big new york




New york goes with 12 Pack or Chance

Cos they are the 2 cutie's out of da hole lots of the boys.

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