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January 11, 2007



As for the best celebrity, she’s clearly a genius. Check out how she adjusted that black outfit to fit during her pregnancy with the use of painter’s masking tape—and why trim the tape, let the ends stream loose in the name of style! In the wedding vid, I like how the groom turns stiffly like Frankenstein to check out a bridesmaid, then starts pouring so much sweat it gets in his eyes: it took THAT much effort for him not to laugh. The sweatiness must be the fault of his parents, Alfredo & Bacon.


I hate to sound like some sort of Nazi or something, but should people like this be allowed to breed? It just seems like it's bad for the planet as a whole.


Go to perezhilton.com, and look her up on the celebrity list he's got on the side. You'll definitely find all you want to know (and more!) about her there.


Here, it's easier if I just give you the link:


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