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February 14, 2007



Great post...I kind of feel the same way about "Shaun of the Dead".

How do I get in on one of these fab podcasts of yours? I got stuff to say too, and something tells me I'd be a good fit for your merry crew.


Teehee. It was fun to hear you speak. I think you can be forgiven for the Gerard Way thing. I usually hate "emo", but Gerard and MCR are totally worthy of dreams.

Oh, and great song choice. Crowded House are great. I always forget that they were big at one stage over your side of the ocean (I'm from Australia).


I too really enjoyed hearing your guest spot.
Pithy pithy pithy...


All great fun... I don't think I could stand to wade through all those episodes of reality shows - certainly not deep enough to actually review them. Such courage, I am in awe.

Only one thing... I hated "The New World" ... so I guess we are not a perfect match... sigh...oh well, you're already taken and I'm gay AND married so I guess it wouldn't have worked out anyway. :)) Keep on trucking girl. (OH, by the way... I soooooo have memories of south-west-Virginia.)

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