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February 22, 2007



She ought to get together with Kid Rock.
Actually I wonder in all due seriousness if she is bipolar or just on drugs. Being bipolar myself, I know first hand what a raving maniac this condition can turn a person into if untreated. Usually we're only dangerous to objects and to ourselves. Before I was treated, I punched many a hole in walls in fits of rage. I still cringe when I recall what an ass I made of myself time after time over some loser. So although I'm usually more than willing to dis Britney who, after all, got together with a man (and I lose the term loosely) who had a pregnant girlfriend, at this point I find myself having sympathy for her. Whatever the case, she needs help, and I hope she gets it. Because no-one should have to suffer with psychological illness, and because, damn it all, I'm now feeling bad for all the times I made fun of her!

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