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February 08, 2007



Yay! You know, I didn't really find Michael's all that bad in those super-quick cuts of it, but looking at in full, it is a bit depressing.

I totally loved Carisa's room. I think she may be my favorite (Goil is up there also)


Goil's designs are always the same! They are all open spaces and weird furniture. They remind me of the 'Nuni & Nuni' skit on SNL. Granted, there have only been 2 episodes so far. Let's see if Goil branches out for challenge #3.


"Goil's room is incredible. Everything moves around on coasters"
"that's the second week in a row he's used a random pepper"

The pepper didn't have coasters.

Haha. Just messing with you.

Ryan - "undercover bitch"? I'd say his hostility's right out front and center.

"I'm starting to wonder if maybe Todd Oldham could adopt me. "

I think there's a line.

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