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February 22, 2007


your momma

The judges are kicking all the women off one by one...jealous vindictive bitches :) no, but seriously how weird was kicking Felicia off for one bad room, and leaving the offensive and repulsive Ryan to just stay in the bottom next week???? WTF mate?


See, I didn't even watch this episode. I think I read the recaps here and at TWoP, (even if they don't share in my Carisa love) and save myself a bit of time Wednesday nights.


I just discovered your blog via a Google search of the Top Chef controversy (the long way 'round via Amuse Biatch or somewhere's comments section and a (dead) link to You Tube, that's it!) Love your spirit and your writing! FUNNY! (I'm speaking now of your Project Runway recap) Excellent, though more words would be nicer!(sic but TRUE) ANTM, PR, HK: EACH deserve an episode by episode Treatment. And I am looking forward to it. Thx in advance.


Aw, thank you! I hope I can live up to your praise. :)


"Incredibly, this was not the least appealing look from Ryan this week"

No, but it pretty much sums up his attitude.

I see you share my perspective on many things, but articulate it far more ... articulately.

I will be back.

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