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February 15, 2007



Ah, I totally sided with Carisa. If Ryan had told me his designs were awesome and mine were conservative when the previous challenge had seen me in the top 3 and him in the bottom 3, I would have been a lot meaner than Carisa. Ryan would have been dead to me at that moment.


Ryan's an ├╝ber-weenie but Carisa is just insufferable. (I still hate her for her "I'd like to bring good design to people who can't afford it" jag on the first ep.) Plus, she's so the producer's suck up -- how many expository diary room segments is she gonna be responsible for before she's booted? Will the editors be able to construct a narrative for the episode without her clarifying commentary?

She was one of my early favorites, based only on bio, but now I realize she's one of the "shit-stirrers" planted for drama. (Note how she and John brought the Toddnote in the first ep.)

I hate this show.
I hate it even more that I'm totally absorbed by its self-conscious shit-stirring puce-iness.


Wow, I really didn't see any of that from Carisa. Considering I thought she was going to be eliminated this episode because she hadn't gotten any screentime, I don't see how she could be a drama starter.

However, I don't have a good record with Bravo (had early love for Betty and Ilan before they became dicks), so it is entirely possible that Carisa sucks. But I refuse to let go.

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