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February 26, 2007



In Gloucester,VA you have a number of people who go around trolling up ditches so the roads don't get flooded. Its a bad day when one of them scoops up a possam and throws it in the air. A VERY BAD DAY.


a few things:

1. My grandpa trapped a possum once in a "painless trap". We found out that even though they're mean, they like bacon grease.

2. Geese are stupid. I think the proper term for a group of them is "gaggle", but I don't know. We had some canadian geese lay eggs outside the door of Hecht's one year, and they would attack anyone that went past the nest. You would think they'd figure it out, but they operate on a totally different level.

3. I hit a duck with my brand-new car once. I think it was suicidal. Anyway, ducks have LOTS of feathers. Just so you know.



It has never really occurred to me to think of it that way, but geese are indeed made entirely of hatred and poop. I think you hit the nail right on the head there. There is a geese/duck pond near my home and I live in terror of the day the geese will rise up and attack me and my dog when we go by on our walk. I feel your pain.

Possums are also made of evil. Growing up one would show up in our backyard on occasion and hiss at us. But they are really nothing compared to the armadillos that ran around my yard when I was in grad school in Southern Georgia. Those things freak me out.

Hilarious entry, as always!


Oh yeah, gaggle! I knew I was forgetting something. :)


Do I sense the material for your next novel? Perhaps... Although I gotta tell you, those 4 pointy teeth aren't enough to spook me. UNLESS Possums have the bite-and-flail technique of furious cats down pat, because then I'd be a-running for the hills right beside you. Upon analyzation, other than those 4 freaky fangs, the rest of the toothiepegs are pity-inspiring, not even enough to eat halloween candy--and that is sad.
Still awaiting the release of "The Corpse Wore Bunny Slippers."


Wow - that description of a goose (made out of hatred and poop) could describe me sometimes.

I'm a goose! *honk*


Geese can be mean. One of my great-aunts was pursued by a goose one time. My uncle laughed as he told the story!
I used to go feed the waterfowl at this cemetery that had a huge lake. There was a goose with a nest. She hissed at me but was perfectly happy to take the bread I had, then followed me around wanting more.
I've never dealt with a possum, but I can imagine that they might carry rabies, so I'd be cautious. I once stood well back and waited before going to my car when I saw an enormous male raccoon on the lawn of a house I was walking by. They can be mean and rabies-carrying too.

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