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March 28, 2007



I love that I can completely miss episodes and you always catch me right up. This show is a deliciously, hot mess. hahaha


butt naked perpetratin' HO.


I can't believe this show has stolen ten hours from my life, which I'll never get back. We all knew Chance was going to win after the first fifteen minutes of the program


I am so sad that I watched the final episode of this show -- it seriously makes me embarrased to be black. Yet, I'm even sadder that Carl hasn't yet recapped it.

You know the only reason I even flip to it is so I can close my eyes and giddily imagine what you'll say.


I only know New York because of Flavor of Love
She has put on weight, hasn't she ?
Or am I dreaming ?
(could yous answer me on my email adress , because i am french and this show isn't broadcasted in france!)
thank you talk to you soon

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