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March 27, 2007



Is it wrong to have liked Renee in this episode? She actually said "cool beans" with a dorky little laugh - how could I not like that???

Jael just seems like a sweetheart, albeit a semi-dull one. She seems to honestly try to find the best in any situation, so I have to give her kudos for that.

I agree that the photo shoot was a bit bizarre and freaky, especially with the show's history of doing death shoots after someone in the cast has found out about a friend that died. Really creepy! That said, however, I was morbidly fascinated by the episode. I'm a bad bad person.

Catherine Cantieri

Aw, no, you're not a bad person! You're a good person who likes bad TV. :-)

And yes, Renee did seem pretty cool this episode. I was actually proud of her for cheering for Whitney. (But I wonder if she exacts her revenge tonight with the weight comments. Hmmmm...)


Thanks for the validation, Catherine! I feel better now. (Not to mention all tingly (no, not like THAT) that I got a personal note from the writer of this fabulous blog! Seriously, love your site!)

Bitchy Renee did seem to be back last episode with her weight comments, but truthfully, I'm not sure she's wrong. The modeling industry is so f'd up (when a size 10 is considered plus size, you pretty much know it's all BS - I suddenly become behemoth sized) - Italy has banned skinny models, other countries embrace them regardless of the lack of bodies on the bones. The skelator look does nothing for me, though.


It's hard for me to see how women look sexy after being electrocuted, bludgeoned, stabbed, or thrown off a building. Tyra Banks has finally gone criminally insane. The bitch needs therapy. New Oprah, my Latino ass.

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