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March 31, 2007



I am very fond of Natasha's unabashed cheerfulness. Her husband got way more than he bargained for when that girl showed up in the DFW terminal. I wonder if he ever longs for cynicism or sarcasm?




I married a woman from another country, though it wasn't as explicit as a mail-order marriage. Natasha's marriage seems to make sense. Some of us guys in America don't connect with American women, and it isn't necessarily because we hate feminism, seeing as fewer than 18% of American women even think of themselves as feminists. For a lot of us American-but-can't-marry-American-girls guys, it's a question of priorities. American women are a lot like Tyra Banks -- self-absorbed, superficial, and distracted by silly things like makeup and shoes all the time. Women from places like Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America, if you meet the right girl, are less likely to be distracted by the Tyra-style silliness and they tend to prioritize family. Women from those places, though, are NOT pushovers in the least. Marry an Asian mail bride and you will soon discover that they have guts of iron, far tougher than American women who will cry if you call them fat. The same goes for women you might bring in to the United States from Russia or Latin America.

Just wanted to give a little perspective on the Natasha controversy.


Catherine Cantieri

Wow. Well, first of all, thanks for taking a giant shit all over American women. Here's a hint: maybe the problem isn't all 150 million of us. If all you see are women obsessed with shallow things, you're clearly not looking at all American women. You're probably only looking at shallow women and that's because like tends to attract like. But like I said, men who order out for their wives because they can't stand their peers and compatriots are actually doing us a favor.

My condolences to your wife who doesn't cry when you call her fat because she's had to deal with much harder things in life. And thanks so much for not inflicting yourself upon a home-grown woman who does expect things like courtesy and kindness.

You totally prove my point.


Well said, Catherine. It's amazing how some men believe that they deserve certain things in life just because they are men.

As an American woman, I refuse to apologize for not falling into line with some guy's archaic idea of what a woman should be.

Keep up the great work! Your blog is hilarious.


Instead of "self-absorbed, superficial, and distracted by silly things like makeup and shoes all the time," I think what you really mean is "smart, self-assured, strong-willed and a threat to my fragile little ego." You totally did American women a solid, buddy. You say "can't marry American," and you're damn right, because no self-respecting woman would have you. Well, not unless she needed to escape financial hardship or political turmoil.

And, honestly, who do you think the average American woman is? Malibu Barbie? Gotta go. I got districted by something pink, shiny and expensive.


Now THAT was impressive, John.
I married into the states. I am the well-renowned Imaginary Girlfriend From Canada. The only thing I heard when moving south was from my girlies: “Have someone teach you to shop like an American girl!” Since the $ exchange makes for cheap shopping in Canada, we thought all American girls shopped like wolverines at a chicken farm, only giggling hysterically & loaded down with bags.

I once met a colleague of my father’s at a trade show lunch. He’d married a bride from Russia. And as she was ordered by mail, I assume she came FedEx, as she never would’ve survived UPS. She arrived, they wed, “marriage” ensued. Bless her heart, she was judging American marriage by syndicated tv and dubbed Young & Restless episodes, thus proceeded watching tv and snacking on the couch. No cooking, no cleaning, no baking, no romance--this is the new country, no? And once she was firmly ensconced in his life she took him for everything he had and proceeded with her new life in her new country with her new money, and soon a new man more suited to her tastes. That poor slob, he couldn’t even buy someone to hang with him.

Not to say that would happen to you John, I mean, heaven forbid.

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