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March 24, 2007



What a big shock that Top-Chef-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned was guest judge.

Kelly had a huuuge shipment of space pills this week - for sure. Who has worn leg-o'-mutton sleeves since the 5th grade?

And I would totally watch Top Carl.


Another good recap. Need to milk it a bit more, though. Too short. And you almost had me convinced of Matt's superior color scheme. Almost! But I appreciate your conviction. Opinions = good!


Are we to really belive that Pacific Design Center only had 4 (FOUR) sets of dining chairs, forcing Carissa to use patio furniture???


Matt rocks. Why did Andrea win this? This month GQ had a great article about "man crushes," these deep admirations straight men feel for other straight men at strange moments. I have a man crush on Matt. The fact that he's straight and can design all these melodramatic gay guys and withering women under the table is AWESOME! He's like the Tiger Woods of the design world.

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