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March 08, 2007



I finally caught up with your "Top Behind" posts.

Something dark and misguided (or something sweet and good like Goil) keeps me watching this program every week.

I hate, hate, HATE spacey, bitchy, cunty Kelly Wearstler. She says "I hate it" and "I love it" in EXACTLY the same tone. Exactly the same tone.

She is a fembot. Freakishly medicated. Space cowgirl.

Is there anyone on that panel likable? I know Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan are known in the design community as the "power gays." Doonan is a pretty irreverent and funny guy, I have read his book and he is very talented. Maybe Doonan is the interesting one in that relationship. Because, fuck me, Adler, unless he is being terribly ironic and smug as shit and I am completely missing something, is BORING as fuck and stealing Wearstler's pills out of her space purse. Go back to making your vanilla fucking pottery, pottery boy! CHRIST!

And DON'T NOBODY FUCK WITH GOIL! Shit. Now I am going to have to watch this crap again tonight.

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