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March 29, 2007



Why do these people (except Matt, who could've well-played the excuse card if needed seeing as his carpenter maimed himself right good and needed EIGHT freakin stitches on a very important digit) seem chock full of excuses all the time?

Andrea, sweets, where was the green? The lousy patch of grass? No. Please no. I agree that was a terminable offense. This is where that rolling credit disclaimer about the producers and their decisions comes in to play. Yup.

Kelly looks very Flashdance to me. I didn't mind her dress. She probably had her little space pills tucked into her coiffure so she could pluck them out and stick them under her tongue readily. Did anyone else notice her immediate mention of what might happen to those mirrored nightstands? What might that be, Space Cowgirl? I did, however, warm slightly to her when she mentioned that the housekeepers would hate to clean those "air vents" in Carisa's room. It's like the Fembot had a heart or something.

I'll tell you something, when the party gets started on the mirrored nightstands in Matt's room, the first thing that's going to happen is that the poodle is going to take a crap on Andrea's patch of grass and then someone, and I'm not saying who, is going to throw that fucker off the balcony.

Hasta la vista Goil. In a better world, you'll have more than 10 hours and one paint store to create your masterpiece. You can fixate and ruminate all you want and not design by committee. For Goil, truly, Hell *is* other people. Or at least Marcia and Cindy.


I'm rooting for Matt, the only straight guy on the show. Represent the breeders! The fashion tastes of straight men have long been underestimated.


"Fact: I once tried to create a "Hell Is Other People" cross-stitch for my apartment."

That's MY pillow.

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I think that the episode was very well named because just look mat the hair of the woman above she seems like coming from hell, what do you think about it?

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