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March 15, 2007



OMG - you are so right... that is the dress from the superfreak video... very strange outfit!


The ice cream tables with the white tablecloths were tragic.

The red flowers were asstastic, furry or not. They looked like something bought from Michael's Crap Craft Store that should've been hot glue-gunned to a shittastic plastic wreath and nail-gunned to human Michael's granny's door at the old folk's home on Thanksgiving.

And who had the $.10 votives? The winning team I think. Awful.

And Kelly Wearstler? She had ALL of the little space pills in her space purse to herself this week. She's the Mayor of Pharmacy Village.


Kelly Wearstler: A horny-submissive. The clothes is an advertisement for a strong hand to undress her and dress her again. Call me a male chauvinist pig (who likes "certain" types of programs), but the Forgotten Barbie Thing: HOT! Best part of very unfocused show.

Catherine Cantieri

Well, she *is* a very kinky girl. The kind you won't take home to mo-thah.


I think Margaret Russell is way hotter than Kelly. Kelly looks like she would start getting distracted by something on the ceiling in the middle of the act of love. Margaret looks like she would have a great time messing up her perfect hair and makeup. And those legs. Wowza.

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