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March 01, 2007



I have stories about some of those people that work with some of those ... people. But I can't tell them. I'd probably get sued.


While I get a kick out of Train Wreck TV, even "I Love New York" I knew I just could not stomach watching the trials and tribulations of a bunch of spoiled middle-aged bitches that I'd just as soon kill as look at. Oops, hostility! That's probably why my probation officer forbade me to have an axe.

Malle Babbe

OMG! You quoted me about this show! Given the fact that I already have a 7 1/2 hat size, I'll do my best to not get a swelled head over this.

I wait for the day Dog the Bounty Hunter delivers Shane in a hog-tied package at front door of a police station. Jeana seems like the type of mom who'd help Shane escape the country when (not if) he actually commits something felonious and unforgivable.

jersey mom

Jo brings out my tv-shooting elvis too. I cannot stand her. She's very immature and whiny. I want to push her down and make her cry.


What about the dogs? The dogs aren't half bad. Even the pit bulls.

That Shane is a shitstabber. He ought to bend Jo over the hood of the Mercedes that "Salad," I mean "Slade" bought her and drive her to Cleveland.

Lou Knickerbocker is a notorious lecherous creepoid in Orange County. He is Tammy's ex-husband. That whole "OC Angels" thing is a gigantic fright fest, no? No tattoos? 3.5 GPA my ass. How about Lou and his friends all marrying the young Thai women? Did you catch that episode?

Tammy seems okay, though possibly depressed. And seriously stupid to bring her four year-old to pit bull picnic. Nothing wrong with a well-behaved pit bull. But 56 pit bulls? I don't like my chances.

Cracks me up when they have to keep bleeping out Duff's expletives. He seems very real and sarcastic to me.

I bet you a nickel that Lauri did some partying with her oldest daughter. Seems like the type.

Jeana's husband had some permanent brain damage and personality changes due to that head injury and I think it altered his ability to be a human being. She has that Midwest "I'll stick with this marriage no matter what" mentality. It's strangely endearing. The only endearing thing about her. He's not as big of a dick as he seems. He's actually neurologically damaged. He says all kinds of insenstive and inappropriate things. Kinda sad/funny. That's why no one goes, "What a dick!"


As an online buddy of mine put it, "This is why people still buy Che Guevara t-shirts."

No, this isn't Loretta Lynn, it's Tammy,

Funny stuff! But you've reminded me why I can only get through about 5 minutes of this show.

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