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April 05, 2007



I had the exact same instinct about next week's challenge. Thank you.

Thanks too for the way-smarter-than-the-show commentary. It helps me immeasurably. 'Specially when Miss Kelly doesn't bother to bring it. She seemed like she had just left poolside to get a cocktail...

And if you open that Reality Show Challenge Consulting Firm, I'd like to audition for a chance to be on your team.


Carissa is like Santino. I would be very shocked if she wins, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.


Great recap of the show. I was highly enticed by Margaret Russell's dress though, unlike you. She's a gorgeous, classy woman and she wore that thing like a true starlet.

I'm still rooting for Matt, because I like the underdog, and as the only straight male in the lineup, he is truly accomplishing a Jackie Robinson-style coup d'etat. But I think his room this week was awful.

I think Carisa has a decent shot at vying with Matt for the title, because she makes good on her vision and her vision is distinctive. If you read the comments on the Bravo blog site, you'll find many designers who wrote in and basically named the magazine issues that featured rooms nearly identical to the ones Matt is designing. Sure, he knows how to play to Margaret Russell, but three other judges won't necessarily be warmed up by the flattery, and in the final round he has no lukewarm, mothballish Andrea to trounce effortlessly. For the big splash at the end, I suspect Carisa's boldness may outweigh her petty immaturity, especially because it's become apparent that her bickering and yakking have succeeded, time and again, in pushing her carpenters, seamsters, and teammates to delivering pizzazz at the end (one reason that Carl, as much as he hates her, needs Carisa's irritating pushiness in order to win the title).

I am glad to see Andrea go, even though I admit her legs were a main attraction every Wednesday night. She's got some amazing walkers there, and I loved seeing her paint in high heels and a leather miniskirt. Carisa's boobs will have to be my object replacement for the last ep.



I, for one, keep waiting for Carisa and Carl to just start making out and ripping at eachother's clothes. There's so much tension there. Does anyone else feel it? (joke) Seriously, if she gets bludgeoned in broad daylight, on the set, I would gladly stand as a character witness for him.

I think it was a producer's decision to keep Carisa there simply due to the bland brand of drama she produces. And that's it. She's not very sophisticated at all. In 5-10 years (sounds like a sentence!) she will be very streamlined, though. She's like that person who gets dressed and you tell her not to take off ONE piece of jewelry, but to take off FIVE PIECES of jewelry and THE HAT. And THE LEGWARMERS.

I found Andrea's unfair advantage of being LA-based to be extremely, well, unfair to the others. But frankly no more of a handicap than the $7500. That seemed to paralyze El Mateo even though he was a shoo-in for the final. If that poodle from the hotel challenge had come in and crapped on his daybed he still would've won. Carisa, on the other hand, seemed to embrace the $7500 and run with it. There's something to that to me. Age, of course. But her rooms never LOOK expensive.

I agree that you've got the final challenge correct. Either that or they're designing storage vessels for Kelly's pills.

As for Kelly, that dress was very unflattering. I daresay she looks better in the freaky outfits. Banana/butter yellow with squashed bodice is no good. Margaret looked like she got some fresh Botox and Juvederm and looked about 7-10 years younger. Very pretty! She looked like she was wearing the inside of a Jiffy-Pop container, though.

BronzeMan/John, thanks for objectifying the female contestants and reducing them to their respective body parts after some fairly thoughtful discourse on their design talent and the show in general. You could've just left out that whole last paragraph and some of us might have forgotten the Feeble Testosterone Journey you took us on last week post-ANTM that went from sweeping generalizations to shuddering, ridiculous myopic drivel about American women. I am actually comforted that you did write it, though. Otherwise, I might have been fooled. You know how easily we shallow, American women are fooled. Hooray, you!

John (different)

A week ago I made a prophetic joke on another blog that Andrea was going "to pump up the volume by using gray and brown."

I think you're right about next week's challenge.

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