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April 11, 2007



My husband and I love to catch the Sci-fi movie, too, but nothing could compare to HammerHead - Shark Frenzy that we caught about a year ago. All about a mad scientist that somehow morphed his son into a shark-human hybrid and then tried to get the shark to rape and impregnate his former fiance (I'm assuming that the fiance thing was prior to being mostly shark, but I could be wrong, it wasn't really made clear)..

Seriously, catch it if it goes on re-runs... it's a worthwhile watch!


Catherine Cantieri

I've actually seen it!! Yes, it is a classic; I don't know how it slipped my mind. The Amazing Acting Lips of Hunter Tylo deserve their own credit, poor distended things. And didn't you love how the hammerhead could attack in, like, 6 inches of water? Good times!

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