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April 09, 2007



Great review. I'm so glad you took on this bizarre flop of a film (only $11 mil in the opening weekend, and its financiers are scrambling for ways to save themselves from a cinematic Hindenburg).

I'm 100% with you on Tarantino. I'd be happy if he said he was into mindlessness, numbing violence, and racial-gender stereotypes for the fun of them... but no, he always wants to pretend there's something deeper underneath his trash, as if by flooding us with unredeemable pulp, he's forcing us into some kind of zen awakening. I too can't wait until he stops making movies, stops talking about the movies he makes, or else figures out a way to channel his films directly to the twisted, immature, and annoying niche of people who still cling to him.



I didn't think I'd like Pulp Fiction and I did, so maybe I'll like this. But on the surface it looks like something of a must-not-bother-with.

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