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April 12, 2007



Great summary of the show finale!!!

I did a 180 on both Carisa and Matt. At first I was rooting for Matt as a bow to his being the only straight family man in the competition, and because he seemed so nice. At first I thought Carisa was a stomping brat.

Then by the end I realized Matt was passive-aggressive, full of himself, and worst of all, boring. Many of his designs look suspiciously like stuff that has been appearing in trade mags for years. And what father of a 4-year-old girl would ever design a sterile, boring, kid-unfriendly apartment like that? Is this guy really straight and married and a father? Did he hire actors to model for those black and white photographs? What straight man would put so much energy into a pink and purple princess cave that a little girl wouldn't be able to play in???? I have a daughter and a niece I take care of, and I can tell you -- that loft would be a DISASTER with a little girl running around in it, including that god-awful, suffocatingly pink princess room.

Then we have Carisa, who appears, by the final episode, to have been caricatured and misrepresented by the fiendish show editors. She and Carl are more like a happy-go-lucky duo that bicker like husband and wife because that's how they produce great work. I have lots of lovable co-workers who banter with me. She seems to know more about Carl than Matt knows or cares to know about Ed.

And Carisa's room was WONDERFUL!!! Even with all the white, a 4-year-old girl could probably have more fun in her apartment, especially with that sunken bed pit and the ping pong table and the cool wall vents, then she could have in Matt's apartment.

What is a viewer to do? This show was awesome but I think it got hijacked by Matt's manipulation of Margaret and Jonathan Adler; he played to her vain commercialism and his gay aesthetic, all the while forcing bad, boring, safe crap on us.

I agree with you -- by the time Carisa is Matt's age, she will have left him in the dust. By the end of the show, I and many people like me would be busy looking for Carisa's number to design something for me. I would never give Matt a call to do anything, not in a million years.


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