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April 16, 2007



I'm going to watch this, but only because you're recommending it.... Plus it will make the recaps that much better.


Theodore TOTALLY looks like Ryan Philippe', Reese' ex. And did you see the commercial for the show where Ms Smith wields the hair dryer ala the Charlie's Angels pose?


Wow, Anton, you stole my observation! I totally thought Theodore was Ryan Philippe too.

Great recap! You're right, the show is going to be awesome. The people are more interesting than the folks on Top Design, even if the subject matter is less interesting.


That's like the 8th Ryan Phillipe comparison I've seen. Didn't y'all see Cruel Intentions and Crash? Baby Boy grew up.

But I am so out, I guess; no one liked TD
except me. Wonks attract wonks, I guess.


But this is fun too.

I heart Tabatha, Queen Diva Bada**. If you are a good client of hers, clear on your request (NOT instruction), tip well -- you would leave with your hair ROCKED, I'm sure. If you are a bad, mouthy, sassy client, you might leave with no hair at all.

video surveillance

my mom makes great hair cuts and she doesn't use scissors, she use an electric clipper too, and OMG i sware the results are incredibles...
(Jaclyn Smith doesn't lokk like she's 61, she look younger look, gorgeous)

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