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April 16, 2007



As I read your blog, I'm waiting for my geriatric cat to crap. Bless her heart, Miss Louisa (19 this week) is in renal failure. Since most of her fluids come subcutaneously by IV these days, she tends to get pretty constipated, so I can totally relate.

Cat emissions. Our lives are bound by cat emissions.

If Miss Em is still suffering the upset tummy, crush 1/4 of a Pepcid (AC, not Complete) in her food. Renal kitties are frequent barfers and that's the accepted preventative.

Catherine Cantieri

"Cat emissions. Our lives are bound by cat emissions."

Truer words, man... (And good luck with Miss Louisa!)

Update: In the post-enema world, Emily has apparently abandoned the concept of pooping in the litterbox. I think she's still mad at us, and we're giving her a little leeway, but it's gonna be rub-her-nose-in-it time pretty damn soon.

Laughing Muse

Ahhhh, yes - the vindication-poop. "Look, okay? I'm fine. You don't have to do that to me again. I'll even demonstrate. Repeatedly."


The thought of giving a cat an enema never occured to me and sounds like a most unfun activity. What an adventure!

My cats have no problems pooping and pooping. Less poop would be appreciated.

But it is nicer if they use the litterbox. Hope Emily gets over it soon and goes back to the box.

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