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April 03, 2007



I remember a story about the Queen of England coming to the states in the 70s. Captain and Tenille were invited to the White House to perform for her. (Honestly- was that the best we could do for entertainment?) Apparently they played 'Muskrat Love' for her and she was not amused! Lol.

Catherine Cantieri

That sound you just heard, no matter where you are on Earth, is me gasping. They played "Muskrat Love" for the QUEEN?! I do not have enough pearls to clutch them sufficiently. That is just not *on*!

(Thanks for the story!)

J.D. Judge

Oh, I thought I would have get redneck on yo ass. Phew.

But, and I feel stupid for asking this... what is America? I was born in 1993, so... ??????

Catherine Cantieri

1993? Wow. Let's see... America was (and possibly still is) a folk-pop band whose first album came out in 1971. The year I was born. The year your *parents* might have been born, in fact!

If you want to hear their music, go to iTunes and search for America. You might note that some of the songs are pretty catchy. That's their secret weapon. The harmonies and vocalizations (the "la la la"s and "doo, doo-doo"s) are really quite nice, but the lyrics are pretty bad. And then there's "Muskrat Love." Happy hunting!



America goes into the category of "Mercedes Music." This is the music that my brother and I, born in 1970 and 1971 respectively, listened to while we were captives for many hours of errands and carpool in our mother's Mercedes in the 1970s.

We burn CDs for eachother every Christmas and birthday called "Mercedes Music vol. _" and America invariably ends up on those CDs. We're up to volume VIII.

"Sister Golden Hair" is one of those chafing horrid tracks that can be counted on to take me back to a special place in time... skinny legs glued to the seats of the car in the summer evening, clutching my second place ribbons from the swim meet, eyes burning with chlorine, feeling queasy from bad potato salad and dreading the summer school homework I would have to do when I got home...

Tonio Kruger

Well, thank God we live in the age of Britney, so that we can all honestly say that American music is a lot better now...

** Crickets **


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